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The entire course is cloud based, so you never has to worry about downloading or printing out anything, except for your certificate of completion.

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All lessons has been designed by experienced instructors with interactive teaching techniques that will help students to achieve course excellence.

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Amazing question types provide entertaining and informative quizzes that help prepare students for the course assessments.
Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown

English Teacher

“ Expatstar TEFL course is designed with flexible & scalable eLearning in mind. This TEFL eLearning course is truly helping me. This is incredible. ”


Manuel Hugo


“I cannot begin to express my gratitude to ExpatStar. I was very frightened going into it because I was unsure of my ability to take the course because of my busy schedule, but it is completely self-paced and it was an amazing experience.”

Cassie Stephens

Cassie Stephens

Art teacher

“When searching for a TEFL course to take, it took a while to find one that was not only of high quality but also within a good budget. Having just recently graduated, I was not able to pay for in-class options, but I am very happy to have found this instead.

ExpatStar.com TEFL course does a great job at introducing topics and giving tips for future teachers. They use clear and direct language, along with diagrams and examples. They also provide a lot of extra resources you can use for reference when taking the lessons into practice.

All in all it was a great experience, and it was nice being able to complete the course within my own time.”


Sayio Marie

Tefl Teacher

“I received my 120-hour TEFL certificate through this site, and they were brilliant every step of the way. An easily navigated site meant that I could access all the information I needed before starting the course, and then I received a very generous discount after simply proving I was already in full-time education.

The course was self-paced, which was perfect to work around my already busy schedule; the only restriction for the course was that it had to be completed within 3 months. It had mini quizzes between each section to reiterate the information and to check it was absorbed, which made it easy to see where my weaknesses were. One of the only negatives was that it got a little repetitive towards the end, but that could be taken as a positive as it just meant I was now familiar with the course content.”

Anthony Brooks

ESL Teacher

“I’ve just received my Expatstar TEFL 120 hour certificate and I couldn’t be happier about it. The reason for me to take the course was searching for ESL teaching positions outside my home country, where I’ve been working for 5 years.

Having worked at two universities and various language schools I consider myself an experienced teacher, but despite that I thoroughly enjoyed the course and was never dissapointed or bored. My Expatstar TEFL certificate program has up-to-date content with authentic examples that I could really relate to, and it’s structured very well so it doesn’t take too much time to complete it, which I think is a major advantage considering our fast-paced life.

If I were to add something to the course it would probably be some video examples or animated presentations, but taking into account its overall high quality and affordability I just can’t ask for more.

I strongly recommend taking my Expatstar TEFl comprehensive course to everyone who wants to start their ESL teaching career or to refresh their knowledge.”

sisue jackson

Susie Jackson

TEFL Teacher

“Great experience overall.

When I had any questions, the company replied rapidly, normally within 15 minutes, and the staff I interacted with were helpful and kind .

I would recommend this course and this company to anyone that wants to gain a wellrounded TEFL qualification online. I just got my first job in Vietnam ;-)”

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We are proud that our 120 hour Comprehensive TEFL Certificate Course has been accredited by EU EFLAC.

This means all our students can be confident they are receiving the best TEFL education available, scrutinized and validated by EFLAC.

You can view our accreditation HERE.

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